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Redlogic consulting provides the ultimate choice for your business hosting needs. Whether you need a dedicated secure environment or a flexible shared solution that scales with changing demands. Redlogic consulting has the hosting solution that will meet your needs. In addition to hosting solutions comes 24/7 support, guaranteed service availability. Redlogic hosting solutions are available across Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux operating systems, Dedicated and Cloud platforms.


In today’s fast moving business environment consumer needs are ever growing and becoming more complex as they try to remain competitive. Redlogic Consulting specialises in customised software application development delivering world class solutions that help drive your business and achieving your goals. Redlogic Consulting are experts in developing Web applications, Desktop applications, Mobile applications, embedded applications and System applications. Our portfolio includes development of ERP, CRM and financial applications. Redlogic Consulting has a dedicated software development team that has expertise in .NET technologies (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), Java and many more. Our services include consultancy, requirements gathering, requirements analysis, software re-engineering, software design, software development, software deployment, end user training and software maintenance & technical support.


The design of your website is equivalent to the look and feel of a physical store that a customer may visit. Therefore an appealing website design can catapult your business to success. The importance of an eye-catching website in today\\\'s business arena cannot be underestimated. Your website introduces you to potential customers across the world. To put it simply, it is the online identity of your company and represents your business, products and services. A well designed website can help you gain more return on investment. At Redlogic Consulting our team of experts believe that first impressions count and will design and deliver a website that matches your personality, creativity whilst communicated that all important message to your client. We have a highly skilled web design team that can develop websites in PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Flash and ASP.NET. We also provide website templates and website redesigning services. Our graphic experts can design logos, banners and animations for your website.


Redlogic Consulting have a proven track record in helping clients turn their internet business ideas into a reality. Redlogic Consulting’s do not compromise on functionality, intuition and ease of use. The added benefit of our ecommerce website solution is that the creative design of the website is unique to your business allowing you to stand out from the rest of your competition. Additionally, all the integration needed for acceptance of credit and debit card payments online is all taken care of for you using a wide selection of supported third party payment gateways. Redlogic Consulting provides a robust ecommerce framework that is highly scalable, providing you with a flexible solution that allows you to expand your site as and when your business grows. Our team of specialists will help give you the confidence to take that initial step in making an investment in your online store that can be built upon in future.


With the rise and continued development of the internet; Social media in recent years has helped re-define the way people communicate, do business, organise meetings and create new opportunities. This staggering rise in social media has given sites such as Facebook valuations of $50BN and Twitter with $11BN. Facebook alone has over 500 million active users and continues to grow. Part of how we assist our clients with their social network strategy is by helping to define what they want to accomplish. This can include the development of Social Networking Applications for you to integrate your site and post comments/messages to all your Social Networking sites at once. Redlogic Consulting can also provide applications that can duplicate a group of users into all of your Social Networking sites; providing updates to group members with a single command. Social networks offers the opportunity to distribute information, drive traffic, humanize your organization, create a dialogue with specific demographic groups and deploy creative applications that allow users to participate directly in your organizational mission. Redlogic Consulting can help you come up with a strategy to utilise social networking in the most appropriate and effective way increasing your brand value.


In addition to social networking, one of the most successful trends today is the design and development of Mobile Applications. In recent years Mobile Applications have allowed users to interact in a way that is useful, entertaining and viral in nature. As technology has developed so has the way in which applications can be used.Redlogic Consulting has a proven track record in developing Mobile Applications allowing your business to target users to be more than passive viewers of information, but active participants. Redlogic Consulting can develop applications for both personal and commercial use; making them accessible through a number of mobile devices. These Mobile Applications can also be integrated into popular social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Redlogic Consulting designs and develops applications for several platforms, in a number of formats. Our team can create interactive applications to complement existing or new websites, or as a stand-alone concept. Redlogic Consultings areas of speciality include:

·       Utlities & promotional applications

·       E-Book

·       Games Content based Applications

·       E-Commerce Applications

·       Video, Music & Photo galleries

·       3rd Site party integration



Redlogic Consulting provides solutions that meet and exceed your business needs. Redlogic Consulting follows the full project and software lifecycle meaning your solution will be fully analysed, built, implemented and supported by Redlogic Consulting; giving you the peace of mind that you will be dealing with people who are familiar with your organisation and the system that is driving your business. Redlogic Consulting understands that an off the shelf solution alone will not meet all of a clients requirements and can offer a range of bespoke solutions. Ranging from customisation of an existing product to development of a new software that will mirror the clients ideal solution. Once developed and implemented Redlogic Consulting can provide a suitable technical support team that will be completely familiar with your system ensuring you get the guidance you need.


Each year, more and more organisations outsource a growing range of activities. Outsourcing is a proven tool in improving business performance and transforming customer services. As a flexible, committed outsourcing partner, we consistently bring our clients measurable service improvements. Our capabilities allow us to transform and manage existing services along with the setup of completely new service infrastructures. This outsourcing capability and infrastructure enables us to step-up service efficiency, quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty - and all at an agreed cost. What we bring our customers: • Inspired productive people • Streamlined administration processes • Effective ICT • Innovation • Improved customer services Supported by our extensive capabilities: • Comprehensive range of expertise and resources • Extensive business centre network • Flexible, efficient service agreements and delivery models - onshore, near shore and offshore


Are you a start-up business? Or are you looking to move your business to the next level. Redlogic Consulting provide an independent assessment of your IT infrastructure to identify opportunities, cost-savings and help streamline your business processes. Our IT consultancy services can help your business utilise the benefits of IT to become more efficient, effective and therefore more profitable. We provide a range of services to help you get the most out of your IT and get an edge over your competitors. We can help you with a detailed audit of your IT systems. We can streamline your business workflows, assist in project management, advise you on the best document management solution, tell you of the full benefits of VoIP or help you develop an IT Strategic Roadmap. Our team of consultants, consisting of business and systems analysts, project managers and developers have extensive and varied experience in the SME sector and can give you the objective and independent advice you need. They combine sound technical knowledge with hands on experience in solving business problems across a wide range of different industry sectors.

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