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With the rise and continued development of the internet; Social media in recent years has helped re-define the way people communicate, do business, organise meetings and create new opportunities. This staggering rise in social media has given sites such as Facebook valuations of $50BN and Twitter with $11BN. Facebook alone has over 500 million active users and continues to grow. Part of how we assist our clients with their social network strategy is by helping to define what they want to accomplish. This can include the development of Social Networking Applications for you to integrate your site and post comments/messages to all your Social Networking sites at once. Redlogic Consulting can also provide applications that can duplicate a group of users into all of your Social Networking sites; providing updates to group members with a single command. Social networks offers the opportunity to distribute information, drive traffic, humanize your organization, create a dialogue with specific demographic groups and deploy creative applications that allow users to participate directly in your organizational mission. Redlogic Consulting can help you come up with a strategy to utilise social networking in the most appropriate and effective way increasing your brand value.