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In addition to social networking, one of the most successful trends today is the design and development of Mobile Applications. In recent years Mobile Applications have allowed users to interact in a way that is useful, entertaining and viral in nature. As technology has developed so has the way in which applications can be used.Redlogic Consulting has a proven track record in developing Mobile Applications allowing your business to target users to be more than passive viewers of information, but active participants. Redlogic Consulting can develop applications for both personal and commercial use; making them accessible through a number of mobile devices. These Mobile Applications can also be integrated into popular social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Redlogic Consulting designs and develops applications for several platforms, in a number of formats. Our team can create interactive applications to complement existing or new websites, or as a stand-alone concept. Redlogic Consultings areas of speciality include:

·       Utlities & promotional applications

·       E-Book

·       Games Content based Applications

·       E-Commerce Applications

·       Video, Music & Photo galleries

·       3rd Site party integration